The world we live in might have its beauty, its happiness and its growth. But till today safety of women is still a concern. It is a patriarchal world we will live and a lady walking alone in the night can be scary. Intimidation and fright have become common emotions when women are walking alone in a deserted area or at an odd time in the night. Personal safety is important for everyone and especially women. The sad reality we have to accept is that as we develop and grow, the rate of violence and abuse in society is also growing. Here are the top 10 tips that women can follow for self-protection. 

  1. Take self-defense training- It is always a good idea to learn some karate or martial arts for self-defense. These arts not only help you protect yourself, but they also improve your agility and help in reflex thinking. This training can help you in saving others in time of need.
  2. Believe your intuition- Women have a great sense of intuition and this can help them stay safe when alone. Intuition is a very powerful subconscious thought that can help you read people and situations.
  3. Use more than pepper spray– Pepper spray might be the most common tool of self-protection, but it is not enough. A study has shown that pepper-spray doesn’t work on about 15%-20% of the people and even if it works, the effects are not for long or effective enough.
  4. Keep your home safe- When you are home-alone make sure to lock up everything properly, especially your windows and the back door. Never open the doors unless you know the person on the other side of the door and always make sure you are closer to the phone, in case of emergency.
  5. You have the right to fight back in case somebody attacks you. Fighting back means protecting yourself from the hands of the other person and there is nothing wrong about it.
  6. Use the internet wisely and carefully. The internet might be entertaining and you might give out information easily. Be careful when giving information on the internet by making sure that the website is legitimate and read their privacy policy.
  7. Better to be safe than sorry when travelling. Be prepared with proper self-protection techniques when travelling to an unknown country as foreigners are an easy play for thugs.                                                               
  8. Be aware. When you are an adult and travel to places alone or live alone it is the most basic rule to be aware of the surroundings you are staying in and the kind of threats you might face in those surroundings.
  9. Do not leave your personal belongings unattended. It is easy to leave your phone or purse on the table in a public place to attend to something. Thieves or thugs can steal your cash and other personal details this way.
  10. Get off your phone. When in a deserted area, stop using your phone and use all of your attention to be aware of the surroundings.